What the followers of Spiritual Science refer to as LONELINESS AFTER DEATH is a subject, which may be of interest to everybody, but can be correctly understood only by people having at least some level of self-knowledge. The questions asked by my readers are much simpler and maybe this is the reason why it never came to my mind to write on this subject. My fateful path wished to challenge me only two or three months ago by offering me two shocking meetings with people most dear and near to me, who motivated me to tackle the subject of loneliness after death. The prospective path of rightful evolution of a very large part of mankind is endangered through their ignorance, lack of interest and generally passive attitude towards the spiritual aspect of earthly life. I decided that it was only proper to tell these two stories, because they could serve not only as illustration of something, which any reader can find in his or her personal surroundings, but also facilitate the understanding of the subject-matter.