Many forces of different origin, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, work deliberately towards manipulating the consciousness of man to the extent that he would not learn the truth about Jesus Christ. The aim of these forces is that man would not discover the glory of the Heavenly Plan for the birth of THE MOST SUBLIME BEING who was ever incarnated on the Earth – Jesus of Nazareth. These forces want mankind to think that Jesus was just an ordinary man, seized suddenly by some kind of inspiration, which made him proclaim himself the Messiah. These forces strive to circulate near and far the idea that He was reborn and is now walking on the Earth, or that He will come again on the Earth in order to judge our sins.

Had I not experienced in my own life the various suggestions of such sources wishing to manipulate my mind and the minds of other honest and eminent persons, I would not have felt obliged perhaps to write on this subject now. My sense of duty and responsibility calls upon me to warn the people, who are unaware of these dangers. Back at the time, when I began publishing articles in the periodical “Psycho Plus” (that was in 1992, which means 13-14 years ago), I had contacts with a number of Bulgarian clairvoyants who received sensational messages and forwarded them to me. This event was so fresh and unusual that even I was impressed in the beginning. Among the dozens of clairvoyants I was in touch with at that time, there were many spiritual, honest and well-meaning persons, but none of them had a deeper spiritual or esoteric knowledge. I was quite advanced in comparison, but my knowledge was limited to astrology, numerology and particularly theosophy. This made all of us a very handy target to manipulate.

One young man, whose name I will not mention, for he is basically a good and capable person, was genuinely spiritually inspired and utterly well-intentioned. He had a certain channel of information with two other people living in a different city. He was very charismatic and eloquent. He used to read sermons for the public and many of my readers wrote me enthusiastic letters about him, asking me for my opinion. I did not have any, because I had not seen or heard him. I was told that he proclaimed himself the re-born Jesus… He wrote me a stern letter, giving me instructions not to expose so often my photograph in the newspapers (as if this depended on me?!), to beware of popularity and “to be in the world, but not with the world” (quoting Master Dunov). I remember that I judged his letter as one coming from a “spiritually immature person” and I told him so in my reply. Very soon, however, another letter followed by him with an altogether different mood. I will quote it here verbatim, because I still keep it with me:

“Dear Maria,

I kiss your soul and bless you for the deed, which you will yet perform. Welcome back to the Earth. We were expecting you. Do not doubt the words of this message, which are indeed very powerful, because they reveal the secret of your personality in a past moment of your cosmic realization. It is true, Liana, that you bear in your earthly form the energy of Maria Magdalena, who accompanied the body of Jesus Christ to the grave and was the first to see Him in His Resurrection.

I know that you are a strong personality and that you will endure this information. Search for the proof in your heart. We let you experience again your glorious past as a disciple of the Great Master. He is even now very close to you. It is true, Liana, Christ is again on the Earth, recreated in an earthly form on the land of the Bulgarians. Is your heart already feeling Him? Not before long, you will see Him in His earthly image. Will your heart know Him? I hope, yes…

We are also close to you and will help you, we will cooperate. The Higher Reason counts very much on us. It is our mission to write the New History of the Earth. Certain forms from the invisible world, extraterrestrials, from Shamballa, will help us.

The world and its vanities must wane for us. We are called upon to perform a great mission – the redemption of Mankind!
I am very happy for you. I had certain doubts, but I can see now that I was wrong. You bear an Angel’s soul. You have charm and charisma to win souls for God.
I wish you success, Liana. We, the Luminants, are always with you. Be strong. Do your best. Show the people something, which they have never seen.

With love and tenderness,
Your brother ………”

The disclosure of the above letter does not aim to evoke mockery or ridicule. On the contrary! I feel to this very day only affection and sympathy for this young man, because we were like this – sincere and enthusiastic, willing to work for the benefit of the people and for the Divine cause. Anyone may make an error and be mislead, if he or she does not have true knowledge…

Needless to say, although I was not ready for this moment from the spiritual point of view, I was not impressed with the letter and I did not believe it. I answered him that I did not care a damn if I had been Maria Magdalena in the past, but that I do care who I am today and what I can achieve. And… if he really felt my brother, it would be better if he could help my efforts in this life, but not because I had been somebody, for which he did not have any evidence.

Further to that letter, I received more letters with similar content by other persons. One of them forwarded to me a message from the Absolute Reason (I keep it, too, but I will be bored to quote it). The content was identical – that I had the energy of Maria Magdalena in the earthly form of Liana Antonova and that I was the last to accompany Jesus Christ on Golgotha. There were some quotes from the Bible, what Jesus told me in His last minutes on the Cross. I compared them promptly with the four Gospels – they had nothing to do with the words Jesus actually uttered on the Cross.

It was clear that many forces “took care” to make me take “in earnest” the fact that I had been Maria Magdalena in former times, because other letters and messages with similar content followed. I did not believe them, because nothing in my innermost soul gave any sign, but I was still unaware that we were manipulated. During the same period of the messages, I visited a concert performed by the choir “St. John Chrysostom” with a group of friends, among whom was Mariana Vezneva. Before the concert, I shared with her what kind of messages I was receiving. She was shocked and quickly confessed, “Is that so? But I was told that I had been once Maria Magdalena!”

Several years later, someone at a meeting of friends-anthroposophists mentioned Rudolf Steiner’s remark that he personally knew 37 women claiming to be Maria Magdalena and sharing with him their secret. Nothing was said about the sources, how this secret had been “communicated” to them.

So, we can trace this process of manipulation back to the first quarter of 20th century through Dr. Steiner, and at the end of the same century, some of us had personal experience with it. The manipulations targeted at me were very massive and shrewdly misleading. At that time of my life, I came across a clairvoyant woman, who was a good-natured and quite accomplished person, with a job inspiring trust in her intellect. She contacted me upon the advice of her personal Spiritual Masters, with whom she had been communicating for several years. They had allowed her to share with me some of the information she was receiving, only part of it. They introduced themselves as Jesus and Father of the Universe and gave us codes – which were personal and touched deeply the heart. I have to confess even now that most of those messages and communications were so up to the mark in terms of style and content, were so nobly instructive and at the same time amazing in their pure simplicity and clarity of thought, each word having its exactly appropriate place and touching the heart, that both she and I were vibrating with enthusiasm and inspiration. During the long years, which followed, I never found a weak or an incorrect point whenever I analyzed those “conversations”. However, along with those messages, I received other messages signed in a similar manner, but having a misleading content. Concealed behind the kind and seemingly well-meaning form, they contained things, which made you mistrust those Masters and which brought disagreements among the disciples. It was easy for the manipulator – he knew the gaps or the obstructions in our spiritual schooling at that time and interfered correspondingly in-between the messages of the good Masters. However, he had underestimated me. Some of those messages went too far and made me doubtful and rebellious. The most important thing, which we were unable to filter at that time, was the impression they left with us that Jesus was somewhere on the Earth. The name of Christ was never and nowhere mentioned?! The first one claiming to be Jesus, the noble one, although I am unaware even today to which cosmic group or hierarchy he belonged, spoke only useful and instructive things. His words were weighed accurately as if on apothecary scales, but he did not take the liberty of enforcing or imposing anything upon us. The truths and the words he used helped me a lot later on, in the years of the severe trials I went through and were like a rescuing light in an endless black tunnel, where invisible beings spoke to you and touched you. This “Jesus” did not speak a lot, but whatever he said remained indelible in my memory and heart. The other “Jesus”, who took liberties, interfered when the clairvoyants had asked for contact with the Masters and hardly finishing the contact, he tuned in as continuation, throwing in finely distorted hints – exactly on the point, which could mislead you due to your ignorance. One Easter in 1993, for instance, when the woman-disciple of the noble “Jesus” had asked to make contact with him and he had communicated such heart-breaking messages about his passion on the cross (which I don’t dare write down because they are very personal, strictly between master and pupil), for years on end I checked them word for word – they really sounded quite true. Nevertheless, the writing was only on behalf of Jesus, and CHRIST WAS NEVER MENTIONED. Thus, concluding the moving message to his woman-disciple, suddenly, without anyone asking him for more, he allowed her “condescendingly” to communicate something intended personally for me. That was already the “other” interference.

Tell Liana that she was truly standing at my feet and that she was bathing them in tears. She loved me also as a woman loves a man, not merely a Master, but that love was impossible. I could not explain it in words. I loved her soul, not her body, which was burning with desire for me. On the cross, however, before I died, I regretted that I did not taste earthly love with this devoted woman… when I had chosen the Path, I did not want to avail of jealousy and of her blind female love. That is why she is always crying… after all this time. This is an old story, which is still a wound in Liana’s soul. The love of Master and the love of man merge in one for her and she doesn’t know that the love of flesh is stronger, while the Master in the Cosmos is at another level, another step in the evolution, which makes things very complicated…

And so on and so forth, along the same line, it alluded that I would have in my next life my Love, in which SPIRIT and BODY were supposed to become one with a Cosmic Master and I was supposed to become a Master myself. So then, the whole extraordinary essence of Jesus from Nazareth, unique in the history of mankind, was reduced simply to a Master in the Cosmos!

Well, I was then really filled with indignation and felt that those messages were not only misleading, but impossible, too. Even my heart was raging that this was not the truth, but downright manipulation. I told him so and he – “Jesus’ answered that it was only natural for me to have another consciousness after so many centuries. I can assure the reader that many of those messages contained so delicate and true resonance that hardy any person could stay unaffected – EXCEPT if the result and his heart prompted him that this was a lie and naturally, if he had knowledge of the TRUTH.

We should have noted that Christ was never mentioned and that if it were Him, He could have never expressed such thoughts from the Cross. I read and reread many times those messages in the years, which followed and although I already knew the TRUTH, they always struck me that the one “Jesus” always spoke only truths fully in accord with the Gospels and the esoteric teachings, but in a simpler manner, targeted at the kind of pupils we were at that time, nonetheless, never mentioning the Christ. The other “Jesus” spoke always slightly misleading things, which pained me a lot at the time, but gradually my inner strength and reason took the upper hand. I could not believe a Master, who was sowing the seeds of doubt and discord among his pupils and I did not believe many of the things he said either. I urged my friend to check always the messages she received from her genuine Masters, all the more that the noble Jesus encouraged us to be sure to check the information and beware of being over-credulous. This made her angry, however, and she insisted that there was no way she could be wrong. Finally, things went so far that even during the same year I refused to make such type of “communication” with a Master through the intervention of another person and besides, the second “Jesus” managed to arouse mistrust between us, and our relations cooled down and eventually broke off. Looking back today at that time in retrospect (13-14 years back), I am aware that I acted in the only correct way. Although I did not have yet the knowledge, which I acquired later, in spite of my weak points, my I-consciousness was stronger than any misleading attempts. It screamed for independence in my spiritual development and most important, in spite of the hard trials – I believed in myself, in my devotion to and faith in God, similar to my faith in Him and in the Spiritual Hierarchies.

I can write THE MOST SHOCKING and SENSATIONAL BOOK on the subject “Manipulated Mankind” based only on letters by clairvoyants, searching my assistance to get rid of the illusions they were entangled in. There is no use of stirring up more commotion, it will be sufficient to direct the attention of the reader to the various types of manipulation due to man’s ignorance and in the pursuit of knowledge. I chose to share this, because it is very indicative and sobering for anyone without adequate spiritual education, but nevertheless started communications without knowing the counterparty.

I will repeat that we cannot reject everything we receive through communications with the invisible world, but we face great dangers, if we don’t have true knowledge. I still don’t know the cosmic group or hierarchy to which the “noble Jesus” belongs, but I don’t need this now. At least it seemed that everything he said was in the service of the good. And something more! I think that the information was graded, like being intended for pupils with incorporated impulses from spiritual schools in the distant “past”, who came down into their present life with purposefully obstructed senses due to the totally new conditions offered by the current incarnation and the earthly life. Maybe this was simply guidance to develop the I-consciousness independently, learning as much as possible from the Earth. Spiritual Science, which is welcomed today by people like me, gives unprecedented strength and insights, which cannot be acquired passively with a master and guidance from outside. THIS IS A MUCH HARDER WAY OF LIFE AND IS NOT FIT FOR ALL PEOPLE. The Spiritual World knows the right time to help someone or to place him under the burden of painful ordeals – they are never harder than the individual is capable of bearing. I was instructed many times during the time of my “adaptation” to the new conditions of the earthly life that I should never write – communicate. Why was that? Because such strongly expressed independence should continue collecting the fruits of self-knowledge during the whole earthly life INDEPENDENTLY. Why did I use the word “adaptation”? Because the spirit of man, in each new incarnation, no matter what schools he visited and what experience he had in his “past”, coming to the new life is placed in other, totally different conditions on the Earth. The adversary powers, counteracting the good, also undergo development and change their methods of action. They become ever more imperceptible for the people who are not interested in spiritual knowledge, and for the people who have mastered such knowledge, these negative powers apply all their cleverness, cunning, lies and manipulations for the purpose of leading man away from the right course of his evolution. There is no time to waste in negligence! – Spiritual education and knowledge in our time is utterly indispensable.