This site was created for the single purpose of making available to the broad public the spiritual information in the books of Liana Antonova, which is vitally important for the man of today, thereby helping many people and giving spiritual nourishment to the ones who are seeking it, but for some reason are unable to obtain or read books. That is why the author has selected at her discretion important abstracts and even whole chapters of the different books. If the reader wishes to achieve a more complete orientation concerning the whole content of each book, however, she recommends him or her to start by examining carefully the list to each book containing the different chapters of the respective book.

Liana Antonova, who brought people joy from the stage and from the screen with her vocal skill and unquestionable charm, gave an unexpected surprise to her admirers. At the summit of her artistic glory, she abruptly retired from social life and abandoned her artistic career, in order to become a new myth for the people – this time as a source of hope for her countless readers thanks to the books she began to write on spiritual educative subjects.

Active life after death, or loneliness
Everything can be amended only in our lifetime