About Liana Antonova

Liana Antonova, who brought people joy from the stage and from the screen with her vocal skill and unquestionable charm, gave an unexpected surprise to her admirers. At the summit of her artistic glory, she abruptly retired from social life and abandoned her artistic career, in order to become a new myth for the people – this time as a source of hope for her countless readers thanks to the books she began to write on spiritual educative subjects. She is certainly the most widely read Bulgarian writer in her own country today and her books have had first and subsequent editions in a total print of unusual proportions for this small country.
Who is Liana Antonova?
Liana Antonova comes from an ordinary Bulgarian family with deeply rooted virtues, morals, traditions and faith in God. She had no other legacy, but acquired everything else in life by herself, through her own efforts, talents, will, fighting spirit and extraordinary aspiration towards spiritual knowledge. It was clear even in her childhood that Liana was born to be a singer and by the age of 20 she had won popularity bordering to myth and adulation in Bulgaria and Romania. Her “made in Bulgaria” trademark, however, and the political system in her country raised insurmountable problems on the road to a world career and international fame. Nevertheless, she succeeded in overcoming them by winning acknowledgement as pop and jazz singer and movie actress not only in Bulgaria, but also in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Nordic Europe and America.
Just when fortune smiled at her and she took Las Vegas by storm, where the chances for a brilliant career and international fame were on her doorstep, and just when her schedule was extremely tight, she reached the point of personal enlightenment and decided to give up this kind of international career. She describes her decision most faithfully and sincerely in her book “A Window to the Cosmos”: “My life is the most eloquent and absurd example. Even though I was a popular singer touring world stages, with looks that suggested anything but spirituality, there was only one thing I really wanted and dreamed of – to have time to devote myself to spiritual training. When I was at the top of my career in Las Vegas and could have rocketed to stardom overnight, I put my strivings and aspirations on the scales: either fame or time for my spiritual pursuits. I already knew quite a few international stars, both singers and movie actors, and I saw the kind of life they had and the price they had to pay to keep their name and fame on the top. This seemed to me not only sad, but downright stupid. I had already tasted enough of stardom and knew what a heavy and wearisome burden it was. Placing my whole life at the mercy of the audience, which can admire and worship one and drop him or her for somebody else on the next day, seemed to me unjustified and pointless. And I made my choice – I deliberately gave up the career of an international star and restricted myself to gigs in posh hotels, variety shows and night clubs, in order to make a well-paid living and in particular – in order to have time for myself and for my spiritual pursuits and hobbies – which were plenty and of all kinds.”
In the late 70s, Liana Antonova completed the London School of Astrology, which gave her strength and had an enormous positive impact on her entire worldview and attitude to life. The astrological schooling to a large extent confirmed her decision to give up ambitions of international career, limiting her artistic activity to performances with her own band in VIP hotels, night clubs and variety shows, which provided for a long time material stability and spare time for her spiritual interests.
In the years to come, Liana Antonova gave up also her intention to get professionally involved with astrology. She had a brief experience in this field, which helped her acquire a new opinion on the professional astrological practices. Her new attitude was that this great science and the efforts invested in studying it for many years deserved a better application of the acquired knowledge. She undertook more radical changes in her life. In the meantime, Liana Antonova had adopted Swedish nationality, had a Swedish husband and a home in Stockholm, but she decided to go back to Bulgaria and stay with her mother in the last years of her life. On the strength of the spiritual impulse, which had taken a mighty shape during her artistic life, full of vigour, she started right away creative work as writer in her native country. This creative work appeared as a torch in the darkness, where her fellow countrymen were just coming out of the totalitarian regime, thirsty to know everything, which had been forbidden to them until then. Liana felt ever more confident that she could be useful in her country, that she had a lot to give and to share her knowledge with her spiritually hungry compatriots. The knowledge she had diligently acquired during the thirty years of her artistic period in Astrology, Numerology, Theosophy, the esoteric doctrines of the most eminent spiritual masters in the past and present had to be shared. At that point, the dream accompanying Liana Antonova all her life came true – the Spiritual Masters appeared! Their appearance, although much desired, entailed events, trials and suffering for her of unforeseeable nature… For thorny and full of suffering is the way of the occult spiritual disciple.


The advent of the Spiritual Masters in the life of Liana Antonova brought blissful exaltation and belief that her life-long expectations were already fulfilled. Until then, the orientation of her spiritual development had been entirely influenced by the spiritual teachings of the East, all of which referred emphatically to guru masters both during the earthly path of the disciples and in their spiritual state in the invisible world…
In the author’s opinion, that predisposition of expecting such masters on the earthly path might have been a result of the widespread Eastern spiritual literature in the Western world, where she spent most of her artistic life, but it might be also possible that she brought with her certain latent spiritual states from her “past”, carried unconsciously in the inner being of each individual.
Quite soon, however, it became clear to her that the advent of spiritual masters, for good or for bad, only “unlocked the door” of unbelievable, inexplicable and unforeseeable trials and suffering, which persisted in the subsequent years. This suffering and spiritual experience made L. Antonova realize that she should not rely on any advice or messages from the invisible world, even if they claimed to be spiritual, but that she had to trust only her own decisions and capacity to think, and also to search unfailingly for the answers to everything she had experienced in the past, and everything she is experiencing in the present life, by acquiring her own spiritual knowledge. She studied consciously and patiently the modern esoteric teachings, already available for the searching individual, which took her naturally to Spiritual Science, or Anthroposophy, founded by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. This science gradually gave answers to all her questions and satisfied her spiritual hunger, putting convincingly in order the knowledge she had acquired so far. Anthroposophy gave her understanding about the extremely complex relationships between man and the spiritual world, and about the mighty manipulation, to which modern mankind was subject by reason of its spiritual ignorance. Anthroposophy made her feel her own individual responsibility and duty in offering the acquisitions of her personally suffered spiritual experience to her fellow human beings. This is even more important for the spiritual world, which is expecting hopefully and lovingly the conscious spiritualization of man in the course of his evolution.

The regular readers of L. Antonova will notice that her spiritual disposition in the previous years and works – waiting for the advent of a Spiritual Master – has entirely changed. On the contrary, she is increasingly emphasizing in her later books that modern spiritual development and even initiations do not require spiritual guidance any more, but rather a conscious orientation towards studying a serious esoteric school.
Unlike her earlier books, where the author has shared her personal experience, in her more recent works, she underlies time and again the importance of independently taken decisions and initiatives in life, and on the need to strive and invest efforts in spiritual education in the accelerated time of our present life. Notwithstanding the proverb “There is only one road, but many paths”, since the current superabundance of esoteric literature from various ages is really frustrating for the inadequately educated man, the author gives indications concerning modern spiritual authorities and masters, whose teachings in lectures and books would surely enrich any person striving for spiritual nourishment.


Liana Antonova remarks that she does not create her books under the impulse to write what she wishes to say, but as result and as answer to the questions most frequently asked by her readers in their letters to her. This is how her two latest books appeared – “Everything Can Be Amended Only in Our Lifetime” and “Active Life after Death, or Loneliness” – books spiritually instructive in the light of Anthroposophy. They enjoy tremendous interest in Bulgaria and both of them are bestsellers, because they offer explanations and information in accessible language about the issues, which modern man wants to know and the questions he asks in this respect. The writer remarks further that in spite of the “sleepy” mankind, most of her admirers and readers are not simply people asking for specific help with respect to their problems and suffering, but “seekers”. They are people with conscious striving for spiritual development and for knowledge of truth, people who ask and want to make a reliable choice of esoteric readings or knowledge. That is why in her last two books, Liana Antonova sheds more light and provides information on the subjects of secrets, which had been carefully guarded in the ancient mystery schools, accessible only to a few elect representatives. Knowledge about the origin of mankind, the incarnations of the Earth, the role of the nine Angelic hierarchies in the evolution of man and the need for modern understanding that man is in the first place a spiritual being, connected in a very sophisticated manner with the higher worlds, which are as yet invisible. It is now high time for the human being to search consciously the way to true spiritual knowledge, because one of the most important secrets of the spiritual worlds is that our souls are kept in these worlds, but the knowledge about these spiritual worlds should be achieved only on the earth. The time has come, where it is not any longer correct for man to say “Well, if there are spiritual worlds, why don’t they appear before us and why don’t we see them with our physical senses?” The answer given by each genuine spiritual science is: “Human being, raise yourself up to the higher spheres of the spiritual world by becoming ever more spiritual, so that your connection with the Spiritual World may be compared to the connection with the sense world through your physical eyes and ears”.
The last two books by Liana Antonova provide a lot of information also why it is so imperative for modern man not to depart from earthly life without true spiritual knowledge. Such knowledge will secure for him spiritual forces, which he needs for an interesting social life after his earthly death during the long period spent after that in our spiritual home. Such knowledge will secure for him also the forces for his new incarnation on the earth, the forces he will take with him, in order to be born not only with a healthy physical body, but he will also take with him forces of the soul and mind, which will create for him the possibilities to carry out the aims, the lessons and the experience, which were actually the reasons for his coming down from the spiritual world to the earth.
By far the most convincing presentation in the two books are the writer’s explanations about the significance of acquiring correct knowledge and understanding of the deed of Christ and our connection to Him. The achievement of this understanding should become urgently significant during our lifetime on the earth. The writer holds that if a person of the 21st century is ignorant of his origin and his aim of evolution, he is not safe until he has made some efforts to acquire spiritual knowledge. Our souls should already feel the need to understand increasingly why Christ is the Saviour of mankind and that we cannot do without the forces He gives us. These forces, which connect us ever more powerfully with the Christ impulse, cannot appear in us without our conscious search and commitment to them. The more correct understanding we have absorbed about Christ during our earthly life, the more He will become our guide through the sophisticated relationships after death – when we leave the earth and set on the ling way to the Zodiac and back again, to return to a new earthly incarnation. The more true understanding about Christ and His Deed man has acquired during his earthly life, the more man will clothe himself in imperishability and rise to an ever higher I-consciousness. Actually, this is the mission of Christ.
The appearance of Christ on the earth, the God Who came down on the earth and made His self-sacrifice in order to rescue the I of man, is an event of such magnitude that there is nothing to compare it to. And this event should be known.
The idea behind the latest book of Liana Antonova “Active Life after Death, or Loneliness” was to give the reader a mood of certainty and optimism with respect to earthly life, but already with the understanding that it is high time for man to change his thinking. To put it in simple words – to stop receiving and explaining things with events only in his own surroundings, with what he is able to see, but to raise his thinking to understanding and creating concepts about the spiritual worlds, about the spiritual hierarchies and beings, and about his connection with them. It is time, and it is also necessary for modern man to live with the consciousness that our destiny in this life, good or bad, is result of our past earthly life. He needs to live with the consciousness that if man’s worldview during his life was based only on materialistic concepts, interests, total denial of God and of existence after death, there, in the beyond – in a world, where nothing is like on the earth, the life that exists there will not be accessible to him after some time. If one feels himself to be alive and awake, but has no consciousness to comprehend the beings in this new world and is unable to communicate with them – this is very sad. THIS IS LONELINESS. In the Spiritual world, where there is no death, loneliness is equivalent to death.
In fact, the contents of the two books, quoted earlier, can help each reader get a certain idea of the subjects treated in the different chapters.
Wishing you pleasant reading and experience.