Encounters with the Beyond

Encounters with the Beyond - front cover
Encounters with the Beyond - back cover

I wrote the book “Encounters with the Beyond” about 20 years ago. It was my first attempt at writing as a result of an impulse, which had been maturing in me for a long time – to comfort the people who were frantic with grief over the loss of a beloved person. I had enormous compassion towards such people not only because of their personal loss, but chiefly because of their suffering, which was destroying them and which could be overcome with more ease, if they had the knowledge that death on the earth does not mean the end of life. So, the chief aim of the book was to bring consolation, because writing it, I shared my personally experienced encounters with the world beyond through mediums I happened to meet in my life in unknown ways. At this point, I have to mention that ever since my prime, I was involved with and studied all kinds of spiritual educational sciences, and unconsciously, I did some spiritual research work in those meetings with mediums, for I was actually directing the mediums with appropriate questions, trying to find through their answers whether they would receive confirmation of what I was studying in the theosophical books. This often resulted in conflicts with the mediums, because they did not have such knowledge and they thought that with my questions and verifications I challenged their gifts in the séances. That is why I selected some chapters for the webpage. However, in order to form a comparatively correct idea of life after death, I strongly recommend the reader who is not familiar with the themes to read first the whole book “Encounters with the Beyond” and after it the whole book “Active Life after Death… or Loneliness”. I give this recommendation because the superficial reading of one or another séance described in the book could make the credulous person believe that it will be sufficient to find a medium and the connection with his deceased relative will be made just “like on the telephone”. This would be a bad mistake and would bring even greater pain or at least deep disappointment…

I have never thought that the book was going to have such success and what is more – that it was really going to help so many people. One of the possible reasons is that all stories are true and that in some of them, persons with famous names in Bulgaria, out of gratitude for my help, allowed me without any hesitation to use their real names in the book, believing that this will help a lot of people.

In my opinion, the only reliable help, which has also become a demand at the present stage of human evolution, is to acquire knowledge or at least some ideas (drawn from a trustworthy source) on the subject “what happens with man after his earthly death” and it is necessary to acquire this knowledge while we live on the earth.


The writer informs that she has the English translation of the whole book “Encounters with the Beyond”, but she needs sponsorship for a revision and certain corrections of the present translation, to make a better presentation of the contents in compliance with the requirements for publication according to the standards of the publishing houses in the English-speaking world.