Today, a great number of people want to know their past incarnations. People are constantly asking me to recommend them such a clairvoyant and are ready to give their eyetooth and pay any price to find someone with the gift of seeing in the “past”. That is why there are so many charlatans trying to take advantage of human curiosity and turn it to their own account. The people who have this capacity would never use it, least of all for money. I already wrote about this, but still more needs to be explained. We need some knowledge how meaningless and also painful such a discovery will prove to be.

Rudolf Steiner explains the big mistake of those clairvoyants who dedicate to investigations of the Akasha Records (the Chronicle of Time) and study the time of earthly development before the Mystery on Golgotha – before Christ’s death on the Cross. Particularly the clairvoyants who are not permeated with Christ consciousness. The reason is that all the time they come across errors in the Akasha Records. In his book “Christ and the Human Soul”, he gives examples of famous clairvoyants today and their mistakes in investigating the Akasha. All of them were remarkable persons and left us a lot of books with their personal experience and knowledge, but their investigations abounded in mistakes, because they were not permeated with the Christ impulse. Only permeation with the Christ impulse makes the soul capable of seeing things such, as they really are and as they have arranged in the course of earthly development.

I understand very well and believe what Dr. Steiner said, because my numerous meetings with all kinds of clairvoyants proved the above to be true. Naturally, when an untrained person reads about Steiner’s investigations in a book, it is possible that he will not believe him. However, I have the experience and can tell you about lots of such meetings, if I have the time to do it, or bring out evidence, if the need arises.

Going back in my thoughts to the time, when I communicated with such clairvoyants and studied the information they collected, it seems to me that I myself was not ready to perceive in observation that those people never mentioned Christ. After that, I came to discover only that their prophecies did not come true. I will further say that some of them were wise men of high stature! – But they were not people with Christ consciousness either. I remember very well the book of the Tibetan Lama Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, whom I admired and read all his books. In his “Chapters of Life”, he made various prophecies about the future of mankind. What terrified me then was his prophecy that he saw a terrible war between Russia and China in 2004 and that the war would be waged more in the Cosmos than on the Earth. I read this in the early eighties of the last century and having full confidence in him, I followed the course of events with terrible apprehension. Well, all of us already know that this was not true, which is also valid for countless of other predictions by clairvoyants of today. During the years, which have gone by since then, I expanded and deepened my spiritual knowledge and gradually came to have my own understanding with respect to clairvoyance. I collected carefully and kept track of various clairvoyant statements in the newspapers, on TV, in books, only to find out that they were almost never true. Nevertheless, I don’t like you to think that I am reducing all clairvoyants to a common denominator. I have met and I know some quite convincing clairvoyants, but their predictions also do not always prove to be correct.

Concerning forecasts made by clairvoyants, particularly when they are announced publicly on the television or in the newspapers, they can cause mass psychosis of fear, which is very harmful. But media has released such a lot of these “predictions”, proving later to be absolutely wrong, that the sensible people do not pay attention to them any more. Therefore, let us recall what the Old Testament says in the chapter Deuteronomy, or the Fifth Book of Moses: “When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.” I would like to give another quotation, even more suitable and acceptable for modern man: “Clairvoyance is like a cheque without cover” – Oscar Wilde.

In conclusion, we should say in this respect that clairvoyance achieved through correct spiritual development of man, striving for self-knowledge and initiation, is still very difficult to be attained today. The one who has attained it however, has clairvoyance of the will, while the soul permeated with Christ will never use it to earn money or to answer elementary questions.

Out of my personal experience, in defence of some clairvoyant-mediums having some kind of higher spiritual guidance, I would even say that their spiritual masters do not approve and refuse to give information on unimportant and stupid human questions. Such as let us say what the result of a given football match will be – in this case they will intentionally tell their medium a wrong answer, in order to punish him, to make him a laughing stock and make him eventually learn a lesson, and not answer elementary questions any more if he still wants to keep the contact. There are many such examples and I am sure a lot of the readers will also recall such cases.