Naturally, since man has the freedom to choose, he has the right to choose himself the way, by which he will decide the course of his development on the Earth. For example, there are a lot of highly educated people, who are also spiritual, but they follow other spiritual sciences which are not concerned with Christ and His Deed. There is, however, difference whether we accept a piece of wisdom without its permeation by Christ, or we accept a piece of wisdom illuminated by the light of Christ. Maybe someone who was not involved with spiritual studies will be puzzled about the meaning of what I’ve just said. It is true that one can acquire wisdom in many ways, provided that he is ripe to acquire it. I’ve had the opportunity of meeting often in my life the two kinds of wisdom and even if wisdom always deserves respect and devotion, I can see now the meaning and the huge difference between the wisdom, which is not permeated by the Christ and the wisdom, which is permeated by Christ. If one soul is permeated by Christ, what is flowing through it is something useful for all mankind, because Christ is the God Who belongs to and takes care of all mankind.

There were countless of other sublime deeds, which Christ had done before it became necessary for Him to come down to the Earth. But as time passed, due to the “falls”, the human I became so darkened and dense that it could not enter the spiritual world any more and after his death, man could not related to that world and experience his inner spirituality in his I. That is why Christ God came down on the Earth uniting with the body of Jesus, i.e. ensuring that man would not lose the Divine, which had been implanted in him. Exactly at the time when man had already lost his connection with the divine, the lofty Christ God entered earthly life. Since that time, wherever there is firm understanding about Christ, wherever the Christ impulse flows, the benefits of life are already fruits not only for the individual who has acquired them, but they bring blessings for all mankind. When our spiritual knowledge is permeated by Christ, He does not take away the fruits of our achievements and exertions, but as He carried the suffering of all people on the earth, when we raise ourselves spiritually to the knowledge, which should be actually knowledge of each earthly man – we need to think “Not I, but Christ in me”. This can happen only when we reach that point where we feel that everything we have acquired in our life as personal achievements, knowledge and strength in our actions and attainments, as a blessing from the joys of worldly life, all these things were acquired through the power of Christ. If we have taken consciously in ourselves something of the Christ impulse, after our death Christ will take upon Himself our ideals. It will be worth thinking over the meaning of the words “our ideals” – I would not like to give an interpretation, but each one can think over for himself which his own ideals are. Someone might say, “Why should Christ take up my ideals?” It is not easy to give a simple explanation for this. It would be better perceived if one can read Rudolf Steiner’s book “Christ and the Human Soul”. This great and comprehensive scientist, who acquired clairvoyance unattainable for our time and who was a great initiate of our time, told us about the different action of something which is entrusted to a soul permeated with Christ or to a soul permeated only with wisdom.

Another thing shared by Rudolf Steiner from his scientific spiritual clairvoyant research is that “When clairvoyant consciousness looks up into the Spiritual World, it makes a shattering impression to see how souls are fighting for their ideals, souls who in their last incarnation did not attain to Christ’s consciousness. Clairvoyant consciousness sees how souls are fighting for what is most dear to them, because Lucifer holds power over the souls and their ideals and he can separate them from the fruits which the whole world should taste as genuine fruits”.

Quite different is the picture of the souls who have let the benefit of their wisdom, the benefit of their soul be permeated with Christ – blessings which cast something like reflection in us and have a beneficial action even in this physical life. This can be felt as the most valuable inner warmth of soul, as comfort in the most severe experiences and this is actually the permeation with the Christ impulse.